I offer both full or half-day workshops that cover the highlights from all 8 sessions. Whether you're planning in a church function, a retreat, a home group, a book club, anywhere we can gather will work. Depending on the size of the group or the desired level of interaction, I can tailor the workshop according to the groups specific needs.

​​Topics Covered:

  • Our stories of redemption have great purpose
  • Understanding our physical and spiritual DNA
  • Reprogramming traumas and unresolved issues
  • Learning to feel in order to heal
  • Boundaries with toxic people
  • Clearing the mental log jam
  • Stepping in to your spiritual inheritance


The Recovered Essence Program is an 8 week workshop designed for interaction and discussion.
Presently, online or in person workshops are on a sign up basis. When there are 8 interested participants, we arrange a day that is favorable.

The Recovered Essence Workshop



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I’d love the opportunity to speak at your conference or event. Contact me for more information.

Private Life Coaching Sessions

Specializing in personal, spiritual and relationship coaching.
I meet with clients one on one via Skype, telephone or locally (Northern Michigan).

​​ Discovering your Authentic Self

Christine helps people see that their life goals have not been about what their ego failed to do, but what they have failed to discover about their true identity. A fulfilling life is really about bridging the ego with your core essence. Many people haven't had the proper training in life to attain this.  Restoration requires both head and heart. In these workshops, people can regain parts of themselves they may have forgotten.  

We were created for Perfect Love but we also learned fear.  In the workshop you'll receive pertinent guidelines and experience the power of Perfect Love. You will gain a deeper understanding of the state of your present identity and learn what's been missing. 

If you are willing to involve both ego and essence in the workshop, you may be stretched past your own abilities or comfort level.  But this is how true transformation happens! It's a spiritual and natural unveiling that unites your mind with your heart when you encounter Perfect Love. You can discover the power of grace when you partner with the truth. “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

When you believe the truth with your mind and allow grace to strengthen your heart, transformation happens naturally because we were created for relationship with God who..."is able to perfect that which concerns us".  Psalms 138:8. You are becoming who you really are! Being willing to face your inabilities while in a more intimate relationship with God, you draw from His ability in you. Allowing the Author of Perfect Love inside you opens up greater possibilities than previously imagined. Looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith. Hebrews 12:2

Your life story is far from over! You can discover things about yourself that you didn’t know were even there. You may have previously felt that some emotional experiences were not possible, but you can discover parts of your heart worth feeling and expressing. It'll be as if a knot from your ego gets unraveled and your true essence becomes engaged. What seemed out of reach can become accessible, the impossible be made possible. The real you is revived with permission to be real and loved unconditionally. No longer will you fear rejection from man because God, your Heavenly Father wants to “reveal truth and wisdom in your innermost being.”  as stated in Psalm 51:6.

What are Some Advantages?

  • Allows the walls of protection built by your ego to come down 
  • As you are grafted into the 'Perfect' vine, you  become free from addiction 
  • It can direct your mental and emotional energy more wisely 
  • Builds your confidence as well as your influence 
  • Sets you on a achievable path to accomplish your destiny
  • Renewed passion and excitement in the freedom to be you
  • Clearer perception with revived purpose and identity
  • It can enrich your relationship with yourself, others and God

I am not a counselor but if needed, I refer clients to my husband Malcolm who is an LPC, specializing in Substance Abuse, EMDR Therapy, Couples Counselling and Trauma Work (click our image on the contact page). We both believe that true self- discovery often comes through the safety of a non-judgmental relationship. Many approaches to mental health involve behavior modification which for some people may seem more mechanical and less spiritual or relational. Those methods may help some people, but to others it feels superficial, almost like a system of management, lacking a deeper connection. Understanding who we are first makes what we do have much more meaning.

Unlike counseling, my services do not involve a diagnosis.  In my non-judgmental approach, doors can finally unlock in the innermost parts of your soul, allowing God's Perfect Love to heal parts of you that were broken. You'll become  more aware of your value, your right to be loved and discovered for the person you truly are. Contact me to schedule a workshop or to receive Life Coaching sessions today!