Welcome to Recovered Essence! I'm Christine. I'm a Christian Certified Life Coach, author, speaker, wife, mother and creator of the Recovered Essence Program. 

I love authentically connecting with people. My own struggles and victories inspired me to share my story with others in need of hope. While writing Recovered Essence: How Toxic Relationships Impact Your Inner Child, my vision grew to see others realize their value to God and others. I wanted to provide a system to guide people to self-acceptance, true freedom and influence. The Recovered Essence Program  helps people understand where they are in the process of recovering their true identity and lead them in their next steps. I’m passionate about encouraging others in this unique approach to wholeness.  I want to see their own story become a meaningful page turner.

About Christine



Recovering your Essence brings strength, purpose and fulfillment back into your life and relationships. You will truly live and love while engaging your whole being fully, not partially. 


Stages of Essence

About the Book

Recovered Essence was written to help people understand how their life can change when they awaken their true identity.  Since the experience of love and belonging is a base need for survival, there can be neglected parts of us  that still need  some wise parenting. 

My own story reveals how we may abandon our own true essence in order to survive the effects of past traumas. My  own unfinished childhood issues led me to a toxic relationship in the search for the Perfect Love I longed for. 

No person plans to enter a toxic relationship but things have a way of coming to the surface for a good reason—to fully heal us.  Much of my life  I wrestled with mistaken value rooted in the pain of  my childhood. Thinking that a happy family of my own would make things better, my dream became a nightmare. Facing painful abuse and betrayal led me to deal with buried pain. Parts of my true self awakened to the love I was worthy of all along, but not from another person, but from a Heavenly Father who was eager to restore my life.  Because I did, a divine promise is unveiled by the only One  who is trustworthy. Miracles can happen when we experience God's love from the inside out. 

Alongside my story, some scriptures and insights teach the mental, emotional and spiritual processes of restoring what was lost. The goal: To  believe truth instead of lies, heal the wounds of the past and recover our essence.

About the Recovered Essence Program

The Recovered Essence Program is 8-sessions that help people discover their value and reprogram their minds based on what is true.  Many people are unaware that they have an orphan mentality and they are disconnected from God.  The program is designed to address the lies about themselves and God.  We examine opposing beliefs that are the log that caused a log jam and unlock new potential to move on to the next phase of essence. They get to the toxic roots and become aware of new ways of thinking and believing that begins to open new doors.  

When people realize they have limiting beliefs and thoughts, and begin to trust a safe relationship, they come back to life. Instead of abandoning themselves to addictions or unhealthy relationships, they connect with their true selves. People often discover a deeper sense of value, enriching their lives and relationships with others and God.

Why does Recovered Essence Work?

First of all, people need to know what hasn't worked. They may have tried to leave their past behind, but in actuality they go on for years trying to make up for its voids. They may have formed unhelpful thought patterns,  limiting beliefs and coping mechanisms, which mask the core needs for lasting security. Discovering this allows them to actualize life with higher perspectives, reviving their core self to be loved by God.

As people engage their own heart along with the timeline of Christine's story, they work on their own unfinished story. The core concepts in the program are expounded intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, because we are a spirit, have a soul and live in a body. 

Throughout the process, people come alive out of spiritual sleep.  It's as if their spirit connects with a loving God as they give themselves permission to think and believe in a higher truth. They feel the inner peace from God who predestined them to live in all along. Perception becomes clearer as God’s grace enables them to live and love in His strength, not only their own. Gods redeeming and restoring love replaces the empty, painful vices they used for years of emotional survival. 

The Recovered Essence Program will cover:

  • How your first models of love affected your security and value 
  • A deeper understanding about the true Lover of your soul 
  • Understanding the impact of fear, rejection and unresolved issues 
  • Incomplete attractions, idols and relationship warning signs 
  • The lost self, surrender and changing our foundation 
  • Identifying toxic captivity, spiritual laws, and your transcending reality 
  • Becoming fully known by the true Lover of your soul